Application Server (NAS) Startup Parameters - SQL

I’m trying to start the NAS server, and have it connect to a database installed on SQL Server 2000. I’ve read through all the documentation, and on these forums, and I can’t find the correct startupparameter to pass to nassql.exe to get it to launch. This is what I’m trying: > nassql appservername=CRONUS,servername=D1,database=CRONUS,company=“CRONUS Australia Pty. Ltd.”,startupparameter=BVL Where D1 is our SQL Server. It gives me this error: “- 12:02:58 PM: No Application Setup is specified for BVL” Does anyone know the corerct startupparameter I need, or even better, a verbose list of all startup parameters, and description for each? Cheers, Ryan.

Ryan, There are no predefined startup parameters to use in this instance its driven by the nature of your NAS deployment and is secified by the developer. I assume that you have defined a new function(ID= 99)in codeunit 1 in the Navision DB you are pointing NAS to and that this funtion has a text parameter. (When in the Functions tab of View->Globals in codeunit 1 select the new function and use Properties to set its ID to 99.) When NAS starts it passes the startup parameter you specify in the command line to this function as the text parameter. When you are using just one instance of NAS this startup parameter is not really important but if you are running more than one, then you use the startup parameter to distinguish between them and its use becomes more apparent. An example might be… You dedicate one NAS to process an SOP process and another a POP process on the same Navision database. You start both NAS with the same Server, Database & company Details but use a different startup parameter for each (e.g. SOPNAS and POPNAS). Function 99 of codeunit 1 would then look like this… NASHandler(VtxtStartup : Text[250])<—the new function I have added to codeunit 1 CASE VtxtStartup OF ‘SOPNas’:CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::SOPProcessing)//run the single instance codeunit running your SOP ‘POPNas’:CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::POPProcessing)//run the single instance codeunit running your POP ELSE MESSAGE(‘Unkown Startup Parameter’)//This message would be reported to the event log. END; I hope this helps, Regards, Chris

  1. Use the MS Snap In to configure your NAS. 2. Edit Codeunit 1 for your new NAS or insert an NAS in the Commerce Portal in Navision.