Application Management Codeunit

Hi Experts,

I am having one problem…!!!

I have two database A and B. Both belong to same project the only difference is, B is derived from A and some other Add-On.

Problem is, When I am running any form in B Database that is having Dimension fields with “Caption Class” property, its not showing the respective caption. Its just showing shortcut dimension 1 code.

When, i checked this with debugger on and breakpoint trigger selected, the form didnt go through codeunit 1…

whereas in Database A, the form directly goes to Codeunit 1 CaptionClassTranslate function.

So is there any solution for this…

Or any reason why its not going through codeunit 1.

The database 5.0 SP1 SQL DB.


Codeunit 1 was not compiled after being merged…!!! That was the reason why the form was skipping it while execution…!!!

Was a stupid error…!!! [:$]

That’s interesting. Usually you get an “Object Must Be Saved in Compiled Form” error. I guess Codeunit 1 is too valuable, which makes sense.

Yes Matt,

In Most of the case you will get the error “Object Must Be Saved in Compiled Form”.

But I think, I imported it as .txt format and other thing was that it was not directly executed, so that could be the reason for not showing the error…!!!

But I had really tried all the things and all the suggestions along with my functional team also…

The issue was generated 20 days before i think… (You have replied on mibuso also…)

But obviously, when there is no error message, no body will think about such reason…!!!