Apple Mac's

WE have a prospect who has a network which includes some Apple Mac Users, does anyone know if Attain will operate on a Mac? assume it will need some kind of emulation software?

Yes. You can use a Citrix server and either a native Apple Machintosh client or the webbrowser edition of Citrix. If you need more details then ask in the Attain technical forum.

Is the solution for Axapta any different than for Attain?

I am running Navision Financials in Windows 98 in Virtual PC running on a Mac Powerbook. G4 Works well. You can run VPC with any version of windows. (Purchase VPC with Windows version you want and/or buy windows “packs” to change windows verison) A little slower in VPC than on stand alone PC but suitable. Also, I have a question can you run NF in Unix?

Sorry about this but forgot: Running Mac OS 10.1.5 but VPC works on older versions. their support is really good. Biggest problems with VPC seems to be printing issues, but I have only one on one report.