API error - expected type Edm.Guid

I am working through a program Celigo to build an integration into Business Central. As the program attempts to write sales order lines, I am given the below error:

“{“error”:{“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“Cannot convert the literal ‘’ to the expected type ‘Edm.Guid’. CorrelationId: 6ea9180f-47d4-4e6b-8d76-2c2e0998875a.”}}”

Has anyone seen this type of error, know what it is referring to, or have any recomendations?



I think I may have this resolved as I think I need to do a lookup to get the ID guid and can’t just use the item Number. Is there some other method, or is this correct?

Hi Kevin,
Which version of BC is this about? They add a guid to one of the latest versions and this guid should be available via the standard Microsoft API’s.

But maybe you can put this into a little context? Is this a standard or custom developed API?