AP Payment Journal - Deposit Slip Not Generating

Deposit Slips are not generating for me when using the Customer Payments Journal (AX 2012 R3). When entering the Customer Payment Journal, I am including the following:

  • Checking the Checkbox for Deposit Slip on each Journal Line
  • Use of Bank Account for offset Account Type
  • Designating Method of Payment
  • Designating Bank Transaction Type
  • Including unique value for Payment Reference

Within the AR Payment Journal, the menu option for Functions > Deposit Slip is “grayed out”.

After posting the journal, nothing shows in the Cash and Bank Module for Deposit Slips and for Bank Account > Manage Payments > Deposits > Deposit Slips.

I saw this work on an earlier project. What’s missing?

I am sure someone has seen and solved this problem previously.

Note: My workaround is the Customer Posted Payment Journal Report at: Accounts receivable > Reports > Transaction > Payments > Customer Posted Payment Journal.