AP invoice posting date vs. document date


My specialty is mainly on T&L and in the last period I’m trying to understand how the financial module is working.

My last issue with a current customer is that the VAT journal (a statutory report developed into the localization package done by a local partner) displays “wrong” information. AFAIK the issue is due to how the AX posts the transactions.

As a short description: posting an AP invoice in foreign currency. The users enters the dates as follows: posting date=current date, document date = original document date, posting date <> document date

The system calculates as follows: the VAT transactions are done at posting date and the AP voucher is done at document date. This means that the transaction in local currency is done on the different exchange rates (due to different dates on posting and doc date). And this seems to be the reason that the report displays wrong information.

Can you please explain a little bit the reason why the transactions are done on two different exchange rates and not on a single date (posting date)?



What you are describing seems to be a legal feature of AX to Check Republic. The AP Setup for CZ has the option to define exchange rate based on several factors.

Select the date for calculating the exchange rate:

- Posting date – Calculate the exchange rate based on the posting date.
- Date of VAT register – Calculate the exchange rate based on the date that the value-added tax (VAT) transaction was registered.
- Document date – Calculate the exchange rate based on the document date.
- Document date (for EU trade only) – Calculate the exchange rate based on the document date for trade with countries/regions in the European Union.