AOT Refresh Problem

Hi, I’m using Axapta SP3. My problem is whenever I add a new field to my table, the queries and views which are dependent on the table, doesn’t get auto-refreshed. I have to come out of Axapta and again login to see the view/query reflect the new field from the table. Is this a known problem or any hotfix available for the same which I’m unaware of? Please let me know about the same. Thanks and Regards, Dilip Happy X’mas to all !

Hi Dilip, You can run the class SysFlushAOD to delete the AOD/element cache. This can also be done in the Tools menu under Development tools > Application objects > Refresh AOS. However, this is done on the client, so if you are using AOS, you should create a new menuitem (action) and set the RunOn property to Server and make it call SysFlushAOD and place the menuitem on the “applicatiotools” menu. This way you have a menuitem for refreshing all objects in the AOT on the client and one for the server. Regards, Søren

Hi, Thanks for the inputs but in one of microsoft forums, I have found another way which works for me. i.e. You have to right-click the object in AOT and press Restore command. The changes are reflected.

Ah yes… that’s right :slight_smile: /Søren

Thanks Dilip.