AOT Query node

Hai all,

I have a enum field in a table with the following enum values.




Now i am trying to create a view for the table. So first, i created a Query. I put this enum field in Range node of query. So there is a property named Value in the range node. How can i filter the values with only Confirmed and Accepted.

If the filter works, then i can use it for View.



Just type in both values separated by comma: Confirmed, Accepted

If it does not work probably you might need to put these range values in quotes, like: “Confirmed”, “****Accepted”.

If it still does not work, then try the using the actual enum values as ranges. Take a look at the enum and see what IDs have been assigned to those two enum elements and use element IDs instead, i.e., something like this: 1, 2


Thanks janis