AOS problem with MS Server 2003

Does anyone know of a know bug with AOS and MS Server 2003. AOS server crashed everyday. I remember in the past that AOS did not work well with MS Server 2003. Is there a hot fix?

Hi Jason I don’t know of any bad things when running AOS on MS 2003. I have such systems running more than a year and it’s working (with the “normal” AOS problems, but that’s not 2003 related). The last version number of AOS is 1951.3733.

Hi Jason, What do you mean by MS Server 2003? If you mean Windows Server 2003, yes - I remember seeing some posts about problems running AOS & EP. If you haven’t already, you might want to refer to this - and the KB articles mentioned in that article. Also you might want to install Windows 2003 SP1. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Enterprise Portal: yes there’s a problem with W2003. AOS: I don’t know of any problems that are related with W2003, only the usual AOS problems.

Hi All I would like to know about which errors you see. I have been running Axapta on Win2003 since the first releases. The only problem we had was COM that could run on Win2003, but this was an error in Windows and solved with SP1 for Win2003.! Best regards Kim Truelsen EE Axapta