AOS New Instance Issue

Hi All,

As i have created new Instance on my server, But when i open the masters Form or any Form i can view only first record.

For customized Forms I can view all records only when form is refreshed but not in case of standard form,Tables,Table Browser

Please can any one help me its very urgent.

Thanks in advance to all…

This behavior was reported by people using inconsistent version of AX client and AOS. Is it correct in your case?

thanks for ur reply

NO its not the case.

were as in end user system i can view all the records but not in the server system. plz help me out

Hi Krishna Kumar,

I think its the standard ax, filters when you select Go to Main Table(View Details in AX 2012). But In your customized form the filter is not applied or code is not written when its opened.

Hi Santosh,

its like when i create new instance i cannot view all records in all forms except the first record, But wht u said is nt the case here