AOS crash while running report


We have migrated Ax to new servers and their third party dependencies, we found that everything worked and tested by client except the “Product base data” report.

Report works in old servers and generates more than 50k pages but it fails on new server and stops AOS service.

I have checked out reporting configuration, client configuration and server configuration. those are identical. I have redeployed too.

I found the only difference between old and new(Migrated) servers is regarding versions.

Old servers

Kernel Version 6.0.1108.7029

Application version 6.0.1108.670

solution version 6.1.1108.670

New servers

Kernel Version 6.0.1108.670

Application version 6.0.1108.670

solution version 6.1.1108.670

Does this create any problem?

Please help me to solve this error.


Yes, it’s possible that there was a problem that’s fixed in the new version of kernel. I would recommend upgrading the kernel first - spend time investigating the issue only if it doesn’t help.