Anyone using RF handheld devices?

Is anyone using RF handheld devices with Navision AD? We are going to implement AD but we must be able to pick, putaway, and pack via RF handheld devices. I have decided to wait for Navision 3.0 and hope that its support for this will be better than 2.60. I am evaluating Intermec 700 Windows CE devices that look very promising. They run the Internet Explorer browser very well and may work with the user portals or we may create our own web-based portal into Navision. Just wondering if there are others interested in doing similar things. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

Hi David, We have implemented using RF scanners from Intermec and Symbol. It’s really quite easy if you use the dump scanners as the work great with Navision without any programming. The CE interface with CE is tricky and waiting for V3 is very sensible indeed as the AD Module is really much better. Regards Alex Pappas Head of Technology Aston Group UK

Could you expand a bit on why you say the AD module is better in 3.0? We bought the RF devices granule but did not want to go with the Teklogix equipment it required. I’ve heard Navision will support other RF devices in the future but no specifics. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

Pappas, could you please explain how you work with symbol equipment : are this only scanners or are you talking about RF ? Thanks nico

Hello, We provide RF barcode terminals for use with Navision. Some German NSCs already integarted our devices. Please refer to for hardware details and to for details on the Navision integration. Regards Lothar Struckmeier Nordic ID GmbH (German) (English)

Considering that the last post in this thread is over one year(!) old, Lothar’s addition seems to serve the sole purpose of advertising. At least the other thread where he added the same comment dates back “only” one month. Lothar, did you search the archive for the keyword “handheld” and are you now going to add your promotion, including the very same picture every time, to each and every thread you found? [:(!] Maybe it’s only me, but I feel that this is a forum for discussing Navision topics and helping each other. The general ratio of advertising is already much too high on the internet, and I certainly don’t want to see a fistful of commercials thrown randomly into technical discussion threads, just “because the topic fits”. Even more so as there is already a dedicated place on this server for commercial advertising. Erik & Moderators, what’s your opinion about this?

Dear Heinz, dear Everyone, I agree with you Heinz. But it’s difficult to say what is commercials and what is actually valid information. In the other thread it was quite ok as “information”. But in this case it’s more difficult. What might be seen as you as un-important commercials might be seen as other members as valuable information. We once had a case where someone selling a printer/fax solution litterly SPAMMED the site with his solution. Even where it really didn’t quite apply. I think this stands as a warning for Lothar, that he should really think twice before posting. The topic has an open question from Nico, that’s why it has not been Closed, although the moderator should have taken action long ago… The rule is that all topics with no activity for more than 1-2 months must be closed.


Originally posted by Admin
In the other thread it was quite ok as “information”. But in this case it’s more difficult. What might be seen as you as un-important commercials might be seen as other members as valuable information.

Dear Erik, I can do nothing but agree. That’s why I wrote “seems to serve the purpose…”. Posting information about one’s own products in a thread that fits the topic can actually be very valuable to quite some members - just as you wrote. In Lothar’s case, however, there were some things that made me feel a bit upset:

  • He posted the same reply to two threads
  • One of which was over a year old
  • He did not answer any of the original questions, but merely gave links to his company’s homepage
  • He included a picture of near-zero information value into both replies
  • He did not reveal any technical information about the product, literally forcing interested readers to visit the homepage.
    Of course, all this is a long way from spamming, and regarding this as a warning seems to be the appropriate way to deal with this case. On the other hand, I feel that we should be careful about replies to technical questions that contain mere company information just because the topic seems to fit - people will be able to add commercials to almost each and every topic, and this is definitely not what I would like to see in this forum, which just happens to be a place of unprecedented politeness, courtesy, mutual support, understanding and last not least information value [:)]

Dear All, This was my first post to this board and it seemed to me as if the information (and link) I gave was helpful. We and our partners do provide Navision with RF handhelds - and that was the original question. I understand that you do not want to see commercials in this board. But how can I give the information without talking about our products? Sorry for the misunderstanding. I learned my lesson. Merry Christmas! Lothar Struckmeier