Anyone successfully integrated Navision 5.0 with Outlook?

I have been tasked to do research on integrating Navision 5.0 with Outlook. I have experienced numerous errors and currently battle-ing through them. I did a bunch of research and have NEVER come accross a post where someone said they had a successful integration of Nav 5.0 and Outlook (I have read probably near 30-40 posts). I was just wondering, are there anyone here who has had a succesfull implementation of Nav 5.0 and Outlook and how is it working now?

I also heard that NAS becomes REAL slow if too many clients try to access it, e.g. if more than 3 or 4 outlook is trying to sync, it will become really slow, is this true?

And if you have had a succesful implementation, how did you set up the NAS? As in, where did you install NAS and what log on information did you input?
Example: NAS has a log on of Administrator on a server
User on work station has outlook add-in installed, how does the system know that a NAS is running on a server on the same network but a different login?

Anyhow comments and help are greatly appearciated!!! [:’(]


Yes I have implemented outlook integration. It is “Quirky” to say the least. The main porblem is getting the XML queue to process. You might have to run codeunit 448 (from memory) manually to start your test. The mechanics are through the Job Queue Dispatcher using XML messages. The main problem with sync setup is that you get a full sync by default which could be 1000’s of records. Set up small sync’s to begin and add from there. Also N.B. to run the “Register in Change Log Setup” after setup changes.

Hope this helps