Anyone done automated integration to push data into Navision? Is there an API?

We just upgraded to the SQL-based Navision and we’d like to automate some data interfaces with related systems. Has anyone done this already? Is it documented how best to accomplish this anywhere? An API, perhaps?

It reallly depends what you want to “push”. If its transactional datan then you are still going ot have to populate some type of a journal, and then use NAS to do the postings.

What do you want to send to Navision?

You really want to avoid writing into any NAV tables. You could add some staging tables manually to your SQL Server database and have an instance of NAS process the data in it. You should always try to implement processes like this from within NAV, so you can apply business logic. Also, the way NAV works with SQL Server is pretty hard to replicate, with the way it puts a time stamp on the records, so I’d be really careful with how you interface.

The best thing you can do really is have your solution center walk you through the first one.


Such type of integration I have done in my current project . As my SO data is coming from website So I placed Biztalk server as an integrator between Navision & web site as well as create some schemas on the biztalk to map the both ends fields.

I would like to know that from which system data is coming to Navision as well as in which format ?? May be I can help you???