Any resources/suggestions to learn C/AL Programming from scratch?

Hey Fellas,

hope you are doing good.
I Was looking for a start in C/AL Programming from basics. I Am familiar with the coding used in reporting but i
want to have a complete understanding i.e a clear picture of the language to develop strong skill in C/AL.
Any suggestions appreciated.

There are books out there for programming that will help you understanding VS code but in order to implement your programming skills you need to know the functional part too. For example say you need to make some functionality change on sales order you need to know where this change will affect and what tables are impacted by your change, basically the functional flow of the system is very important. If you can handle the functional part now that you have programming skills it will be easy to get a handle on NAV.

You are in luck,

the best place to learn NAV Skills, is direct from the source here…/

Better still, tomorrow David and Luc kick off a new series tomorrow, so register now


best of all … it’s free.

C/SIDE Development 101 Series – #1 – Kick-off

The C/SIDE Development 101 Series, David will introduce NAV from both a functional and technical perspective.

Presenter : Dave Studebaker
Moderator : Luc van Vugt

Tue, Jan 30, 2018 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET