Any ideas how to make: File/Send as PDF...?

When any document is previewed (ex. Sales Order, Invoice, PO, etc…) and File/Send… is selected, an HTML version of the document is automatically attached to the e-mail. Rather than an HTML document, a client would prefer to have a PDF format document attached. Through third party printer drivers, PDF documents can be created from Navision documents, but I’d like to automate this process for the client by either modifying the existing File/Send option, or by changing the File/Send option to File/Send as HTML and create a new one called File/Send as PDF. Any idea if/how this can be done? If not, any other suggestions?

Sorry. But You can’t change the behavior of the menus. You have to make Your own menu Item on a menu button in the forms where You wan’t to print to PDF, or put a check box on the alternative tab on the reports request form. //Lars

Thanks. I think I’ll go with PDFMAILER. It requires a user to go through a few more steps than they’d like, but works the way that’s needed none-the-less.

We have used the PDF printer driver from Amyuni for this (see for info). This driver can be controlled from C/AL for papersize, orientation, filename, etc. which allows a full “no hands” solution. John