Any documents on ODBC setup?

Hi, I am trying to setup ODBC with our Navision 3.01 It works fine when I have “Local” connection (db is on the same computer) but when I try to connect to our server is gives me “ISAM error” then “Couldn’t read this file”. I wonder what do I do wrong? I hope it is a minor issue… Are there any documents available? Do I need to specify “Net type” (in the C/ODBC setup) and what program folder do I set up if I connect to a server? Thank you!

Hi Denis when you configure the ODBC as specified in the manual, first u must give the exact path where the installation was made, secondly when you clik the company button and if you can see the company then it should work. I have tested it recently. Hope this helps regards MK

The “Net type” should be “tcp”. Also, C/ODBC and the server must have the same version.

Dear Naji Shaman and MK! thanks for your answers. I did get closer by taking your advice but has a message: S0000[Navision Software a/s][Navision Attain ODBC Driver] The operating system cannot load the DLL module C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client\ENU\nc_.DLL. Please check that DLL module exists, and that any other modules that it will use also exist. This nc_.DLL is not there. Do I need to do anything on a server? I didn’t touch it yet…

Is the file missing? C/ODBC Driver takes whatever you put in “Net Type” and appends to the file name, for example, if you typed “xyz”, the file name would be “nc_xyz.dll”. The only values that you can use are: “tcp” and “netb”. If the file exists, then you have one of two problems: 1 - The server version and C/ODBC driver version are different. It doesn’t matter if your C/ODBC Driver can open the database locally, it will give an error if the server version is different. 2 - There was an installation problem. Re-install C/ODBC which is usually installed separately from the client. The DLL file maybe trying to read something from the registry or load another DLL or EXE file, and so it returns errors. If this didn’t resolve the problem, uninstall both the client and C/ODBC, and then reinstall the client followed by C/ODBC. Note: C/ODBC Guide can be found in the product CD.

c\odbc comes with a setup pdf. ex of what works for me. Data Source: (Companyname) Description: (Whatever you want) Program Folder Blank Connection: Server Server Name: (YourServerName) Net Type: TCP then I click on Company - if it’s set up correctly your company name should appear. Pick the name, add in a used id & password :slight_smile: I keep the data source name simple and the same on every system. If you ever have to connect with crystal reports, access, etc. it’s easy to remember when its the same everywhere.

Dear MK, Shaman and HR, thank you so much for your replies! I took my time, read the instructions, reinstalled the ODBC and it works!!! This forum is awesome.

Apologies for reinstating this old topic…this is in response to Naji’s final post. Question…the versions on the server and client are the same, but what is the implication if there are 2 different versions of the nc_xxx.dll files on the server???