any changes in class is not saved..

Hi friends…

i made some changes in a class, but when i saved it (click on save icon) its not saving the class, the red line is still there.

If anyone can help plz…

Do you have a valid (unexpired) development license?


As Martin asked you, u dont have the valid licence. You can do like this. Once u finisgh coding in class, simply export the class and import the same class. The coding which you have added will be saved


And in return of it, i will take ur sim with me … :slight_smile:


I think you are in user layer, You are not able to save a class directly.

open all the method into the class and press f8 button then right click the class and update the class.

Now you will see the updated code into your class methods


you are in user layer, you are not able to save the class method directly.

open all the class method and click F8 Button and right click the class and update it.

Now open the class and see the method should be updated.



Hi Deepak,

i think the problem is You dont have licence.Do one thing add the code into your class after that save it then F8 then Goto Add ins ->cross ref–> Click update then only it is saved .



Thanks to alll for reply… i got the solution…