'Another user has modified...' BLOB issue

Hi, We have a table that we store logos and other bitmaps in. There’s only three fields, these are ID - code 10 Description - text 30 Picture - BLOB It’s fine clicking through the records, however if you click back through them it gets to a particular record and gives the message ‘Another user has modified the record after you retreived it from the database ’ etc. There is no code on the table and the only code on the form is on the import/export Blob’ button which is taken from the Company Information form. There is no code anywhere in the database to modify these records, if they are needed in a report all that happens is a SetRange on the ID followed by a Find (’-’) then a CalcFields. Any ideas anyone? We’re using 3.6 client on 2.6 DB on SQL 2000. Cheers Justin

and what is in the case that a user stores a new logo to this table ? In this is the message correct

No, this isn’t happening at the time. It’s always the same record, and does it even when no one else is on the system. Cheers Justin



It’s fine clicking through the records

in table or in form ?


it gets to a particular record

perhaps first or last record or the record you started with ?

Can you proof it in an isolated database, where you are the only user ?