Another MenuSuite Question

This is a Navision 4.0 question. The question is this. How do I make a MenuSuite object point to a table and apply a filter to the table? In 3.6 (and 3.7) you could do it by calling C/SIDE with the OnPush of a button on a form. Now instead of using forms as the menu, we would like to use the MenuSuite, so naturally we would like the same functionallity as there was with the menu using a form. It seems though, that there are no way to associate C/SIDE code with a MenuSuite object other than linking directly to a codeunit. Is there any alternatives? Or is it possible to apply a filter when calling a table with MenuSuite?? [8D] Thanx

Don’t think you can, the documentation suggest that you will need to Call a codeunit for instance and Filters records then pass those to the form you wish to open, or already have the filter set on the Form you wish to open. Could mean many more forms!

…and this feature(?) is a stupid one. Someone in this forum usually says something like: “I said it was an upgrade, I didn’t say it was better”. What do you think about the new menu-structure? I do definitely not like it.

I think the look of it is much better, and after time we wil all get used to where things are. at the moment i do find the design aspect of the MenuSuite slightly restrictive or should i say more longwinded. I am also not completely sure about the Levels of design as yet - i presume that the menusuite will alsways show all changes at the lowest level? As in AddOn1 AddOn2 etc etc.

Re the question of “How to apply a filter”: You have to call an object which allows the application of a filter, then use that object to call your target object. The documentation recommends calling a Codeunit; we would use a Report because Report objects are less expensive than Codeunit objects. ______________________________________________________ Re the question of how changes are applied and Menu Levels interact: a) when you view the menu as a user, what you see are the sum of all the changes, additions, deletion at all the Levels b) changes are applied in order from the top level (MBS, Region, Country, Add-on 1, Add-on 2, Add-on 3…,Add-on 10, Partner, Company) Any Level can modify menu entries at the Levels “above” it in the hierarchy. c) the menu level structure is strictly hierarchical

It doesn’t really work that way though… I added a menu to the Add-on 1 level, but it just won’t show up when I open Navision. I tried it in other levels as well, but to no avail…

David, As far as I know form, report, dataport and codeunit objects have the same price. 100 objects cost 2000 C/S. /Karl

You can apply filters on the OnOpenForm trigger of a form. Check out the way the General Journal works.

Daniel it is working as David said, but if you add an empty menu to a level it will automatically be removed at runtime. Same goes for empty groups; they must contain items. Also, items are removed for which the current user has no permissions to execute and in the case of forms also the source table permission is checked.

You’re right Robert… it was a license issue. I had just installed 4.0, loaded my dev license to be able to add the menu. Then when I re-opened Navision, it loaded the cronus license and that didn’t have the object number I was calling in the new menu item, so it just didn’t show it. Not until I added the regular Customer card to my custom menu did it dawn on me that it was my license, even though I had to reload my dev license to even look at the new menu… [Oops!]