And now for something completely different!

My company is a dynamic, extremely successful FINE WINE IMPORTER based in a suburb of New York City that has just implemented Navision for its operations. We are interviewing for a full time Navision-experienced programmer/developer to be our chief MIS “go to” guy/gal. Experience with web development necessary as well. Different, fun, exciting atmosphere for the right person. We WILL entertain employing non-US residents if you have the right credentials and you want to spend a minimum of two years working in the U.S. Salary commensurate. Please contact Life’s too short to drink bad wine!

You should be posting this in the Job Offers section instead of the Discussion Forum. It’s more likely to be seen there as a job openin. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Posted there too David. Thank you. harmon Life’s too short to drink bad wine!