Analyzing Impact of Activating New Standard Cost Version

Hello all,

We are preparing for an update of all Standard Costs in AX2009. I have created a new Costing Version and calculated all Pending Costs. What I would like to do now is conduct some analysis on the impact of the cost changes on Inventory Values before I activate them. Is there a tool in AX that provides such an analysis?

For example, I can see current physical value based on current Active Standards for Items in Inventory. I would like to see the projected / proposed physical value based on Pending Standards from my new cost version for the same Items in Inventory. If there were a report that compared the two values for each item, that would be great.

Any thoughts? I suspect it required a custom report, but thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone has a usefult tool that we may have overlooked.

Best Regards.