Analysis service configuration error


am configuring the analysis service service Ax 2012 r3 then follow the all the steps and deploying the objects its show some error massage then configuration process end the configuration not yet completed .

“SQL server edition does not support translations. All translations (if any) have been removed”

this the error message i got

How to resolve the error !!

thanks in advance

Please get used to consulting the documentation first:

Language translations are supported if you use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later for your Analysis Services server. Do not include translations in the project if you are using a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition Analysis Services server. If you do and you get an error, you can delete the Analysis Services project in the AOT and then redeploy the Analysis Services project by using the SQL Server Analysis Services project update wizard. Alternatively, you can edit the Analysis Services project in BIDS to remove the translations. To do this, open the Analysis Services project in BIDS. Open each cube and dimension, and then click the Translations tab. Right-click the column for each translation that is not a Default translation, and then click Delete translation. After you have removed the translations, import the project into the AOT.

Source: Configure an Existing SQL Server Analysis Services Project [AX 2012].

If you have any subsequent question, don’t forget to mention the version and the edition of your SQL Server.

Hi Martin,

I have same issue and followed the both instructions you have suggested. First I deleted the project and deploy again and same translation error. then I tried alternative way. in BIDS opened each cube and in translation TAB. It shows 2 columnes: Default language and object type. All cubes have same default langue and none of fields have delete translation option in right click. I think I have issue to find which one has not-default translation. I am on SQL server 2014. Could you please let me know how exactly I can find not-default translation …


Hi Massoud,

Did u fixed this error.
What is BIDS. Where to find.