An Alternative Role for "SUPER"

Is there any alternative role for “SUPER” available Dynamics NAV ? (Preloaded).

Hi ,

What do you mean by alternative ? Another role with same privileges ?

Nope i am affraid.


Are you by any chance asking about SUPER (Data) Role? This role will have access to teh entire data

SUPER is the only one with full privileges.

You can assign it to several users. In case the only one forgets his pwd (or is fired and leaves company not disclosing his pwd), there is no way to recover it, so it’s even recommended to assign this role to at least 2 users, the second one might be somebody from your IT staff, who doesn’t work with Navision daily or at all, just to be sure you will have a “backdoor” into the system.

Sir, Actually my client version is 2009 sp1 and they wants to restrict users page wise.

means NAV1(the user) have limited page access. That’s why i’s asking.

I have to restrict users page wise.

I solved the problem or solving the problem this way,

creating a role with all table,codeunit etc permission.

but giving no page permission.

so when he clicks a page or link a message display “You do not have execute permission to Page ID xxxx”.

User inform me that, and I add that page to his role.

Things are going right.

but i want a proper channel. please update.

You need to create a role with all tables,reports and codeunits…(Role 1)

and individual roles per department with Pages…(Role2-9)

Assign Role 1+ (Either Role 2 or Role 3 etc.)


  • so no access via pages, but via reports is all right…?