Amount not same when export into Excel

Hye, I’m newbie in AX. What the problem is when I export the transaction on GL into excel file, some amount has been changed from positive to negative and otherwise. Below is the example :

Transaction on form (actually amount) :

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Hi Aiman,

We are not able to see the transaction which which you pasted here. Can you re-load those images.

Normally it doesn’t happen that the sign will change for amount when you transfer transactions to excel. Please verify the transactions in AX with excel using voucher number as criteria.


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I can’t post the image because image button is disabled, I don’t know why. I know that you understand my problem, but can you guide me how to verify the transaction in AX wilt excel using voucher? Actually I’m vendor, so my client was confused. She want to check the balance between AX and Excel file, then she find the balance is not same. It happen because the excel file was extracted by copy all (ctrl+a) and paste into excel not from click on the provided button by AX. So the sign at amount wasn’t change. So how to solve this problem? Please guide me [:(]

Have you checked the Account balance in excel it will be same as in AX. This positive sign in being because of Paramter activated on GL Paramters > Ledger Tab > Correction = Yes. The same functionality exists in AR and AP and it is used to differentiate the reversal transactions in AX. No need to worry as AX takes care of balancing whille exporting to Excel.

This parameter will not change the Old Transactions and it can only impact the new reversal transactions to be posted.

If you can convince your client for Old Transactions then after deactivating this parameter New transactions will not have this issue.

AX takes care of the Balancing of these transaction during export to Excel.

If you really want to remove these extra signs from transactions then you need Developer’s Help here.

So I just ask user to thick the “Correction” right?

I need to ask user to tick the setting or untick?

These signs are added to Reversal Transaction when this Option is Ticked. In your case User needs to Uncheck this Option to solve the issue.

Thanks Sachin [:D]