Amount is not getting posted in Tax Receivable Account in Navision in Purchase

Dear All,

Please help me as when i do a CST purchase, the Tax amount is not getting posted in CST Receivable Account but the Tax entry is do created.i am using Nav 2009,please help me on this as i am not able understand.

For Example

Inventory 100 Debit

Direct cost applied 100 Credit

Purchase 100 Debit

Vendor 100 Credit… These entries are wrong

Actual should be the following entries

Inventory 100 Dr

Direct Cost Applied 100 Cr

Purchase 90 Dr

CST Account 10 Dr

Vendor 100 CR.

Please help me!

you cant record tax as part of inventory and part of receivable.

Inventory must be net of tax.

I am doing CST purchase and that CST amount has to be loaded on inventory which is happening but CST amount is not getting posted in Tax account in navision

Your requirement was a standrad feature of NAV IN version before 4.0 SP3 (Some hotfix changed it). The accountants use to complaint the accounting entries. Now you are asking the reverse. Now this is standard feature and if you want to change you need to customize the coding (tax account posting) to pre 4.0 SP3 version.