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I want to get Amount in Words for a given amount i.e if Amount is 520 and currency is Dollar then Amount in Words should be Five Hundred Dollars and 20 Cents Only. So Amount in Words should be specific to each country with respect to their currency.

i.e US Dollar is specified in Millions,billions etc and if Indian rupees then Lakhs,Crores,etc.So every currency would have a their own way of specifying their money values.

So Is there a Way to Find the Amount in Words in Navision.

Please Help ?

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For converting Amount in words, you can use Report 1401 (Cheque/ check)'s FormatNoText FUNCTION.This will print the number in words according to your database localisation, for example in Indian case it will print Lacs, crores etc…


But i want to get both foreign and indian currency Amount in words, but here only the Indian currency is showing i.e lakhs and crores. I want to get in billions and millions while selecting US Dollar. Can we change the database localization to get both formats ?. They have declared the million and billion text constants in Global but have not used in C/AL code.So how we will get the Currency in Millions and Billions.

Please help…

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In this case you have to pass currency code in the function FormatNoText(NotoText, No, Currency Code )


Thiyagarajan M


I have passed Currency Code. if i give USD as currency code and 500000 as No then It is showing as FIVE LAKH DOLLAR AND ZERO CENTS ONLY.

That is the Problem.



In this case you will have to write two function, one which gives lakh and crores whereas other will give million, billion etc…and depending upon currency code, choose the function.

For billion, trillion function, you can copy the function from same report (1401, check) from W1 version.

Hope this helps