Always display two digits after decimal separator ...

Hi all,

If My value is 100 then I want to pass this value as 100.00 If 198.87 then 198.87.

I need this value pass only in decimal type.

My problem is when value has no decimals then it pass as without decimal.(ex : 100)

I have using NAV 2016

Please suggest me answer

Thanks In advance.

use the FORMAT function where you can format the decimal.

FORMAT is one way to do it, if you are trying to format a variable i.e. on a report.

But that’s not what I would recommend to use, as it really depends on what you are trying to do.

If the field you need always to have two digits is a field, then the easiest way is to use:

DecimalPlaces = 2:2;

2:2 means it always would display 2 digits, whereas 0:2 would mean max. 2 digits.

This way you don’t need to use FORMAT everywhere, and it will also display correctly in pages. Using format would render the field “Readonly”.