Alternative units of measure

I would like to specify alternative units of measure for each inventory item (such as, specifying Kilograms and Units for meat in inventory) but where the conversion factor for each alternative unit of measure code VARIES (such as because the weight of the meat in inventory varies). Does Navision support my requirement?

If the weight of your meat varies, this is simply a different quantity of the UOM that you’re using, there is no need for a conversion factor. The conversion factor between Lbs and Kilograms will not change as a result of the weight of the meat in your fridge. You can set up various UOMs for each Item in the Item Unit of Measure table (access from the Item Card, Item button, select Units of Measure).

Hi, Yes, I will set up kilograms as my unit of measure, but I also need to record the number of pieces in inventory. That is, I need to know that I have 20 PIECES of meat in the fridge totalling 23 KILOGRAMS, and when purchasing/selling inputting piece of meat 1 weighs 2 kilograms, piece 2 weighs 1.5 kilograms… But, I cannot use conversion factors because the weight per piece of meat varies… Thanks.

Oh I see, you have packages of varying weight and you want to ‘keep score’ of the packages themselves. I don’t think there is any standard functionality for this, since you’re basically trying to record two units of measure at the same time. Maybe you can do BOM journals, where you create a package that contains a certain qty in another unit of measure. Or do inventory adjustments with a negative of the weight uom and a positive of the other one. You’d still have to think about how to record the weight in the description or something, or a new custom field. Plus you don’t record two units at the same time. This will probably be a customization.

Hi, We have encountered with the same situation in textile industry. You can define variants for each possible kgs per piece and define stock keeping unit for each variant to followup the cost of each unit? Dinçer

here’s some Navision / Meat Industry Info


i have same problem in Steel manufacturing company Base UOM is Kg and i have to manage also no of piece.

means dual UOM of Measure.

please help me.

We have horisontal solution that deals with this issues. Specifically you can keep any aitem in 2 units - Pieces and Weight…

We are using it for food distribution and Jewelry production. It is very generic and solves this kind of problem.