Alternative for GLOBALFILTERS in DOS

Does anyone know an alternative way to use the GLOBALFILTERS from DOS in Financials. What’s a global filter in DOS? For instance a user has a filter on one location in the entire database. Every form, table etc. You only have to put the GLOBALFILTER in codeunit 1. Best Regards, Mark Trouwborst LIMO Automatisering B.V. tel +31 (0)182 631 333

There’s no direct replacement/equivalent of dbGLOBALFILTER, however you can use FILTERGROUPS, which are even have more sophisticated possibilities. With FILTERGROUPS, you can also set filters, which a user cannot change/view. Gunter

Hi, FILTERGROUPS are fine, however they need to be added to every single form/report to provide same look and feel of the GLOBALFILTER. Alex