Alternate key & Replacement key

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Can anyone kindly give me the good practical or real time example on Alternate Key in 'index level’ and Replacement key in ‘Table level’ in ax 2012. Kindly give me the clear example for batter understanding.

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The standard application is full of practical and real-life examples. One of them is HcmWorker table. The primary key of this table is the surrogate key, i.e. RecId.
But it also has two unique keys, that could be used as the primary key, therefore they’re alternate keys.
One of them, HcmWorker_AX2, contains a human-readable value, namely the personnel number. That’s a good choice when we want to display something to users, allow them to select a worker from a lookup and so on. Working with the primary key, RecId, wouldn’t make sense, so we set HcmWorker_AX2 as the replacement key, and it will be automatically used by reference group controls.

Thank you Mr.Martin for your kind reply on my question.
You gave me a very clear picture on my doubt.
I would like to include one more question in the same, i.e., Please give me the real-life example for SecurityKey and ClusterIndex.

That’s not relate to the topic of this thread (“Alternate key & Replacement key”), but feel free to create a new thread (or two threads, if you mean two separate topics), and explain there what you need to know. Just make sure you consult documentation first.

Thank you for your suggestion.