Alternate Addresses

In Customers we can enter Alternate Addresses of the type: INVOICE, ALTERNATE DELIVERY, SWIFT and DELIVERY. - If the type is Invoice and if we use it as an alternate addresses then where all is this address used. Is it used just in Sales Order or just in the Invoice or just in the Packing Slip or just in the BOL or all. - What’s does SWIFT mean. How does it help - How does DELIVERY and ALTERNATE DELIVERY impact? Please explain and help answer the questions above.

Hi Rajendra, Hope you are keeping well [:)] Whenever we do any postings (Quotation, Confirmation etc) by default the main address of that customer is picked up. As far as alternate addresses, you can use them wherever you want. For example if you want to use alternate address for delivery, then before clicking on posting, you can - * click setup → alt. address * Select the appropriate address and click transfer Now if you look at ‘address’ tab you can see that the address you have selected has replaced the original address. This particular functionality is quite helpful for companies like mine. We have quite a lot 3rd party companies catering to our end users and this relationship changes very often. As far as SWIFT, I had never used it before. A quick look at online documentation, tells that this adddress is used for money transfers to foreign banks. HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish, Once the change is made on the Order, further in the process, in which all documents: ie. the Sales/ Purchase Order documents, or the Packing Slip document, or the Invoice documents or the Bill of Lading document will this changed alternative addres be effected. Question arises because of the “Type”. There is this “Type” that you specify which can have values “Invoice”, “Delivery”, Alternate Delivery" and “Swift”. So, if my “Type” was lets say “Invoice” then does it mean that the alternate address will be printed only on the Invoice and not on any of the other documents? Similar question for the other types. Please help answer the question. Regards Rajendra

Hi Rajendra, If you want to know whether Axapta would change addresses automatically for the various documents (Delivery note, Invoice etc) - answer is NO. The user has to manually change the addresses. For ex - a user wants different address for delivery note. Then he has to change the address using the steps I outlined in my earlier post. Then subsequently he wants to have a separate address for the invoice. Again he has to change the address. Hope this answers your query. Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish - how’s the project going? Axapta will update automaticaly some documents. If you have set an address of type ‘Delivery’ against a customer, this will be default delivery address against the order (there is no need to select it and transfer it on the order). The ‘Delivey’ address will then appear on the delivery note, but the invoice address will still be the main account address - again no need to change it. The ‘Alt Delivery’ address can also be used but this does not transfer by default on an order - but as you say you can select and transfer it to the order manually.

Hi Adam, Good to see you [:)]. Project is coming up alright and thank you very much for your response. Hope to see you more often here. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish and Adam, This works. I did test the functionality and verified the following: - Delivery and Invoice Alternate Addresses if available Print regardless - Alternate Delivery Address Prints only if pulled - Packing Slip always prints the main customer address Appreciate the help of all Cheers Rajendra