Also Unable to Apply Vendor Entries

Hi, I have the same problem as Trin only in Version 4.0. I go to the Vendor Card, drill down on Balance and the select Function Apply Entries and there are 4 entries. Two entries are Invoices in Dollars and and two Payments in GBP but do balance to 0.00. Now before you ask, I do have the Appln Between Currencies set to ALL. I press F9 against one of the Invoices and the F9 against one of the payments but when I try to Post Application I get the message “You must select an Applying Entry before you can post the application”. This one has be baffled as it has always work fine in previous versions so what is different. I saw Steve Weavers entry for Trin but it didnt seem to work for me. Please can anyone assist

You need to press Shift+F9 on the payment and then F9 on the invoices.

Hi Paul, thanks for that. I figured it in the end, was doing it the old way…Paul