Aloha to all from Bangalore!

Hello all!

I am Prajwal Kashyap from Bangalore and I am a newbie to Dynamics. I have been working on SAP B1 all of past year and I am looking to diversify my portfolio into other ERP Solutions. Having a total work experience of about 7 years in IT, Enterpreneurship, mgmt consulting, and a Management Masters degree to boot, I am looking forward to some great time with MS Dynamics.


Prajwal Kashyap

Hi Prajwal,

Welcome to the user group. Good luck on learning Dynamics! Which application are you planning to learn NAV or AX?

I am looking to learn NAV first, but I am not against learning AX as well because I can see a few projects on the anvil for both, NAV being immediate.

I dont see much material on the Internet for either of these. Any pointers?


Well it depends on what you’re looking for.

The best way to learn the basics about NAV is really to start learning how to use the program. And I do not mean programming, but take a few days, where you sit down with some “real” users and just learn the application directly from them, by doing some real work your self. And then you can take some of the eLearning courses. I can also recommend that you download some of the White Papers available both here in the White Paper section or from PartnerSource (you didn’t say if you work for a current MSFT partner).

I am not working with any MS Partner, so I do not have any access to any of the “secret” documents that are released only to the partners. I am an external entity and I am yet to meet someone who actively works on MS Dynamics. I just noticed that there is a heap of documents in the downloads section, so that gladdened me.

Any pointers as to where I can find the E-Learning stuff? Or is that also available on this website? If so, I think i’ll soon make this my new home!



The “eLearning stuff” is part of CustomerSource, which is available to all Customers as part of their maintenance agreement with Microsoft. So I’m sorry to say that you don’t find this in here.

Welcome Aboard!!!