"Allow price adjustment" on a retail item in AX


I need to update a single field in all released products.

The field is in the MRCInventTable (above) which has only 17 columns.

The field is in the “Sell” fast tab on the released products form…

Field is called “Allow Price adjust” Which is a checkbox field (enum).

I’ve tried to update the field using Excel-Add-In but I get the below error message…

Field ‘Reference’ must be filled in.

Error found when validating record.

Field ‘Reference’ must be filled in.

Error found when validating record.

Creation has been canceled

My Excel file has only 2 columns.

Items.Item number

Allow price adjust

  1. Item number

  2. Yes

Can anyone help?



If you wanna update the field ‘Allow price adjust’ (which is in the table ‘MRCInventTable’), first there should be
a record in the table with the reference of Item number.
I believe either there is no Item reference (no record in the table 'MRCInventTable ’ with mentioned Item number) or you are doing excel upload without considering linking between the tables InventTable & MRCInventTable .

Krishna, MRCInventTable is an empty table by default. The MRCInventTable and the index table MRCInventTableIndex are both populated when you set the “Allow price adjust” field in the released products form (Sell fast tab). Using the excel add-in … I’m adding item number to the Excel add-in column (column 1) along with the literal “Yes” in column 2. I don’t now what else I can do?

Field ‘Reference’ implies to ‘InventTable’ field in MCRInventTable.
this field requires ‘RecId’ of the InventTable. Despite that you may entering item number. that’s the issue it’s not considering. I think there may be other approaches handing these scenarios. Doing through x++ is one of them.

Hello Krishna, I’ve used both ItemNo no and RecId of the InventTable. Neither of them work. Seems that this table (MRCInventTable) is available in Excel add-in , with no means of adding records through the add-in !! Just updating existing records. Thanks for responding anyway, but looks like I’m stuck with the problem.

Hello Joe, you may want to take a look at the Mass update worksheet in the retail module (under Periodic). I’m not 100% sure if the field you want can be updated in that way, but it’s a useful tool I found to update many products without using excel add-in.

Thanks for the info Elsbet. Unfortunately, the column am looking to update is not available in the utility. However, it may prove useful for other uses. I hate Excel add-in :frowning: