Allocating credit/ adjustment notes to customer refunds in Nav 2009

Hi all,

Our customer reduces their payment to us for their carriage etc. so on their account I have refunds and I also have credit/adjustment notes relating to the refunds.

I would like to allocate the ones that match to tidy up the account but can’t seem to be able to do this using a cash receipt journal or general journal.

I’m new to Navision so not sure if I am doing this correctly.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to DUG. So your customer reduces the payment by a freight amount. This difference you have been booking Credit Memos to show this amount as a credit against the original Posted Invoice, correct? So if the customer owed on Invoice 1234 $100.00 and they paid $90.00 they still owe $10.00. You then book a Credit Memo for the $10.00 to show they owe no money. Is this all correct? If yes, a few things you can do to both apply these credits to Open Invoice and going forward make the credits self-apply during posting.

  1. To Apply a Credit Memo to an Open Invoice follow these steps:
    a. Go to the Customer Card and open the Customer Ledger Entries
    b. Highlight the Credit Memo you want to apply to an Open Sales Invoice
    c. Click Action Apply Entries
    d. A list of Documents with Remaining Balances appear. Highlight the Invoice you want to apply this Credit Memo too and click Actions/Set Applies-to ID
    e. Then Click Post Application

Now going forward, when creating a Sales Credit Memo, on the General Fast you should see 2 fields called Applies-to Doc. Type and Applies-to Doc. No. In Type enter Invoice and in No. select the Invoice the Credit Memo applies to. (pop-up window will show you list).

Hope this all helps.

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for replying.

This has been a big help and I have now been able to allocate the credits.

Thanks once again.