Allobj Locked and Locked By

Anyone used the Locked option when in Object Designer?

What is the purpose?

Is it to prevent changes by any user?

Who can use Locked?

Is there anything from Microsoft on this?



Have a look here: Locking and Unlocking Objects

Hmmm, it seems for some reason that the Locked and Locked by is shown on the Object Designer form but only on one particular version of NAV2009FR R1, not shown for NAV2009FR R2.

I was of course aware of the need to lock tables with code but had never noticed it showing at the object level.



Hi Colin,

The object locking and unlocking functionality was released with NAV 2009 R2, so you shouldn’t see it in any version previous to 2009 R2. And it’s not country specific functionality as it’s part of the “platform” - not the application.

Also are both versions you mention using SQL Server? As far as I know then it does not work on the native database.

Many thanks, that explains it all really well.

Being a sole developer in most cases it does not impact on me but in a team situation I can see this as really useful.

Indeed, that does explain my situation, I had a local db open as well as the SQL db.

Thanks for that.

All clear now, my thanks to Luc and Erik.

You’re welcome, Colin.