Alert for specific employee- when his name is selected


I have created a new field (Worker Responsible) in the ProdTable, for inputting the Name of the person responsible for a Production order

Is it possible to generate an alert or create a work item in the Home Page for the specific employee whose name was selected in the Worker Responsible field?


Thomas Philipose

I dont see why you could not create an alert when the user is set to “x” for that user. You could create a cue on the home page with a count of works orders where they are the responsible person.

Is it not doing it for some reason?

Well and good.

Is it easy to create a Cue with the count of work orders? Can you tell me how to do ?


Thomas Philipose

Go to the works order list and create an advanced filter based upon the employee. If it is what you want then go back to the advanced filter and do save as cue. Go to your home page and add the cue (depends on the cue element existing)

Thanks, will try this