Aisle, rack and shelf in stock management

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My company is growing :slight_smile: and our CEO has decided to start locate the items in our warehouse for 2 purposes: items are easier to find (obviously!) and the counting, every 3 months, is faster.

What I know:

Location has different variables: aisle, rack, shelf and bin. They can be created in "stock management → setup → stock breakdown "

Item card also has fields for rack and shelf but not for aisle and bin.

There seems to be no connection between the locations created in “stock breakdown” and the ones created in the item card.

What I have to figure out:

How to configure “shelf” to accept other value than numeric? I would like my shelves to be named a, b, c,…

Where do I enter the location “aisle” in the items card while only “rack” and “shelves” are available?

How to print my counting lists using locations (aisles, racks and shelves) as a filter?

Thank you in advance for the help you provide :slight_smile:

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Where are you seeing rack and self on teh item card?

Just create the amalgamated location manually (can you really use a wizard) and simply set it, but to be fair just type in A as teh shelf and use the wizard to create the A level, then do the rest.

You need to generate your counts based upon the location dimension which is an amalgm of aisle rack and shelf)

When you are setting up the location name formats in your warehouse, you can use an ampersand symbol (&) to name them using letters. Not sure if this is what you meant on the first part of your question…

= numbers, & = letters.

Hi Adam, I have a related query - we would like to store parts in an aisle, rack and a shelf. Currently we create location with manual check box ticked and enter the location # we want to add which is attached to the site (A) + warehouse (10) and an Aisle (1) .would like to define Rack, Shelves so that we can store the items in a specific aisle, rack and self. Where can we define this? what I noticed is that when we create a location with manual check box ticked, it sets the rack, self and bin to zero! We use AX 2012 FP (fifo). Any help is appreciated.

Hi Patrick, as I understand, the rack or shelf or bin are not “dimensions” of a location. They only help you to create the names of the locations or to use functions such as “copy aisle” or “copy shelf”. The location name should be defined with the specific information you need to find the location (if you create it manually you should include that)

Hope it helps you

Juan Pedro

Hi Juan, thanks and this helps. So we would have to create the rack or bin manually for each location? Is that right. Say If I want to define aisle 1 to 10. (total of 10 aisles)

each ailes have 5 shelves and each self contains 2 bins.

in such case - do we need define locations = 100 locations (1052) manually. Is that correct?


If on the warehouse you define the aisle and rack you can then use the wizard to create the locations and decide if the nomenclature of the aisle and rack make up the construction of the location and how. Otherwise if you manually create them you create them all manually in which case the answer is yes. Look at the location wizard and see if it works for you.

Good morning,

We have started using the locations but it generated a huge problem with the rest of the supply chain in Dynamics.

All of a sudden, the program was asking us to input location at every level: purchase orders, invoices, production orders,…Then there was a conflict between the documents set up before the “location” change and after.

We quickly decided to abandon the whole idea and went back to the previous setup in “dimension group” (without location).

That said, I am going to give you a summary of the whole story :slight_smile:

There are 2 ways to use location, the first one is to change the dimension group in the item card, the second one is to manually input the location in the item card. What is the difference? It is in the traceability.

1/ Dimension group should be used only if the data (could be warehouse, batch number, location or serial number) is crucial for the informations’ management. For example, for garanty and accounting reasons, your finished item needs a serie number that cannot be repeated. In that case, you configure your dimension group with “serial Nos” in the main table form of the dimension group.

2/Manual input of the location (rack and shelf fields) in the item card without configuration in the dimention group, will limit the use but the dead ache as well :wink:

The location field will not be active in any other window than in the item card but you can still use it to facilitate your stocktaking: Just “sort ascending” in the field “rack” and then transfert the file in a excell sheet.

In general, be careful about the explainations your consultant is giving you. Those guys have no idea what a supply chain is and what it implies. There can be months between the time a purchase order is created, the part is received, invoiced and then used in production. Making a change in the core definition of an item means that all the documents where the item is used will need to be updated manually.

Have a nice day and may the force be with you :slight_smile: