Aif service does not use Ax<table> class..


I have an unusual problem. I created an AIF document service (not custom service) and I cannot figure out why it does not use my Ax classes. This service uses the CustInvoiceJour table. Now If I debug with Visual Studio and place my debugger on AxCustInvoiceJour method parmInvoiceId, then it wont start debugging. If I change the method to always return “ok”, then it still returns the real InvoiceId, so this is not the debuggers problem. It also updates code in VS2010 so I know it is right.

The service also created Axd_ classes, where there are also parm methods, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to debug them either. If I just delete parm methods there, that are clearly used in the query, it will still return the right answers for the service… What is going on here?

Thank you, Karl

The problem was that the Axd document class had generated a

findCorrespondingAxBCClass method, that returned AxCommon. This method had to be deleted, so that the correct Ax classes could be used again.