AIF response XMl

Team ,

Iam called a create method of customer AIF webservice in SOAP UI and i got the below response.

But the response XML only sends Recid , how can i send custid instead on recid in the response.

Please help

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">…/">






If I use the standard CustCustomerService.create in AX 2012, the EntityKey contains AccountNum. It’s not clear what service you’re using (CustDivisionCodeService doesn’t exist in my system).

In general, the entity key is generated automatically based on properties (e.g. primary key) of the underlying table. Maybe you should modify your table. You should also be able to override the logic choosing entity key fields (in the AIF document class).

Or you can accept the current entity key and use it for the read operation.

Thanks Martin,

Iam not using Cutsomer creation , i just took it as example, Im using my Custom table. I have 2 fields in the index. So may i know which class and method to customize it

What’s your version of AX? (Please always attach a tag with the version.)

im using AX2009 SP1

Your fields are likely taken from AxInternalBase.getKeyFields() (which calls SysDictTable.getUniqueIndexFields()) by default. If you don’t want to change the index, you can override getKeyFields() in the Ax* class wrapping the table.