AIF Development

Hi All

I am facing issue from where i need to right code.


There is one Stagging Table. Lets called Table_Stagging

One master Table. Lets called Table_Master

Fields are same in Table_Stagging as Table_Master Table.

I have created one AIF service (Inbound & File adapter System) which has Create and Read Enable operation.

Also I have written business logic in Write method of Table_Stagging.

After all data entered to Table_Stagging and update Table_Master.

One more business logic i need to write. Thats depending on No. of records in Table_Stagging and Table_Master. Based on difference I need to update one more Table. Currently i have written on Job and Its working as per requirement.

Here my concern that where can i write this code, written in job. so that I can all requirement full filled.

Any Over ride method of query (Used while creating AIF Document service)?
Any method class created while creating service (AIF SERVICE : INSERTSTAGGING → Class for Same → AxdInsertStagging/InsertStagging/InsertStaggingService)?
Any method of Table_Stagging?

Thanks in advance for suggrstion