AIF data import

Hi all

I want to import data for my own custom table,as I don’t have any basic idea abt AIF

can anyone pls suggest me some blogs or documents.

thanx in advance.

If you’re asking about AX 2012, start with AX 2012 Documentation Resources for AIF and Services. Please always mention your version of AX.

By the way, AIF doesn’t have to be the best choice for data imports.

If you will be doing a lot of DIXF work and/or if you want to learn about DIXF, then DIXF is the way to go.

I never got around to working with custom entities in DIXF. Again, it may be best for you to do so. For me, for importing into custom AX tables, I just use SSIS directly (DIXF uses SSIS behind the scenes). By using SSIS, I can see and understand - and control - every step. I populate an Excel (or text) file that matches the fields in my custom AX table and then use a simple SSIS Data Flow (Excel Source → SQL Server Destination, with maybe a Sort and Data Conversion in between) to import the data. Just a thought.

DIXF entities do a lot of work inside AX that you either have to replicate in your SSIS packages, or you fail to do things correctly. I mean things like RecIds, number sequences, table inheritance, X++ validation logic and so on.

Yes, but he has a custom table he wants to populate, not an out-of-the-box AX table.

Not a sure thing, but existing X++ validation is probably irrelevant for a custom table. So too, probably, for inheritance and number sequences. And unless he will be joining/relating tables to his custom table based on customTable.RecId, then the values used for its RecIds would be irrelevant too.

It all depends on his particular needs and usage (how loosely or tightly coupled his custom table is with the rest of AX), and he didn’t give that.