AIF custom service - Service group AutoDeploy property


We have around 10 custom AIF service groups deployed and active in production. We had a server maintenance over the week end and when the servers were back up only 8 of them were check marked green and active and the other 2 had a - sign (negative sign in a red circle). When I verified the properties of all the ones that were green check marked and active I see that all the 8 service groups have AutoDeploy property set to ‘Yes’. However, the 2 that had the red circle negative sign had the AutoDeploy property set to ‘No’. So, just to quickly fix the issue in the production, I selected each service group and clicked on the ReActivate (SystemAdministration/setup/Services and Application integration framework) and they got activate and running just fine and no issues as of now.

I am not sure if the AutoDeploy property setting to ‘No’ was the actual reason why the two didn’t get activated by default? So, to test that I set all the AutoDeploy property of all the services groups in our TEST environment to ‘No’, ran incremental CIL redeployed the groups (it also runs incremental CIL before deploying the groups anyway) , and restarted the AOS just to wanted to mimic a typical server maintenance scenario. When the TEST is back, when I opened the in services bound ports all show up active! So, I am not sure if the AutoDeploy property has any effect on the being services active. If they should then, they shouldn’t be deployed automatically in our TEST because they were set to ‘No’ to AutoDeploy property. I am not sure if I am missing something else here?

The only difference we have in TEST and production is in production we have 2 AOS es where as in TEST we just have 1 AOS. I want to schedule a production downtime for 15 mins or so to change the AutoDeploy property to ‘Yes’ for both the service groups and run incremental CIL on both the servers and then deploy the service groups once again and restart the AOS and see if that fixes the issue?

Wondering if anybody ran into similar situation and or can guess what might be happening in our case?

Here is the picture of they how looked when the two services were inactive.