AIF Axd Sales Invoice in Ax 4.0


I am using Standard AxdSalesInvoice class to send the Sales Invoice as an XML to Outbound in Ax 4.0 .I am using File system Adapter.

I have written a job which polls the CustInvoiceJourTable and sends the Invoices.When i run this job the record is entered successfully in Queue manager.But when I run the outBound processing batch i am getting below error in the queue manager

Invalid document schema. The following error was returned: The element ‘CustInvoiceJour’ in namespace '…/SalesInvoice’ has invalid child element ‘CustInvoiceTrans’ in namespace '…/SalesInvoice’. List of possible elements expected: ‘FormLetterRemarks’ in namespace '…/SalesInvoice’.

I had a look at the query AXDSalesInvoice–> dataSources–>CustInvoiceJour–>dataSources–>FormLetterRemarks data source.On this data source the Join Mode is Outer join and Relation is 1:1.When i change the relation on this table from 1:1 to 1:n then i am able to successfully send the Sales Invoice to my out bound folder.

Has any one encountered similar error.If yes then what is the appropriate action taken.

Please suggest.




You need to enable this field in the data policies of your AIF settings.



Hi Phillipe,

Thanks for the reply.

Could you please suggest which field to enable, I have enabled all the fields in Data policies except one called ‘paymentID’.