AICE - Outbound Item Entry No. "0"


We use NAV 4.0, standard cost, and invoice into the negative.

Our AICE currently post adjustments into our prior periods, which thanks to this forum I know is due to our Item Application Entry table listing entries that have no Outbound Item Entry, which then flags the Applied Entry to Adjust field in the Item Table, which flags the AICE to post an adjustment between the Expected Cost and the Actual Cost.

What we are experiencing is we have entries (that date back 9 years) that are closed the production order has been consummed and outputted, the purchase has been received, invoiced, and paid, and our sales has been shipped, invoiced, and paid. Yet, in the Item Application Entry table these entries have no outbound item entry no.

I have heard that a very similar problem / bug occurs with operations that use Average cost and invoicing into the negative.

My questions are:

  1. Would this apply to us with Standard Costing?

  2. How can we fix this? Is there a way to “re-populate” the Outbound Item Entry No.?