Agile PLM to NAV

I’m working with a user who uses Oracle’s Agile PLM and would like to integrate with NAV. Anyone have a solution that can help with this integration?

Well, and exactly what data from this monsterous Oracle’s Agile PLM are they willing to import?

It is already a self contained system with many modules for many different purposes / industry branches. Furthermore, inwards communication IMHO will be not enough, unless the data import is not limited to some summarized financial data directly to GL Ledger accounts, IF the latter is possible to achieve at all. (I don’t know that Oracle system before, just asked Aunt Google what it is all about).

Anyway, it sounds rather strange to combine these two systems in ONE company, those target completely different markets. I could imagine a small subsidiary(-ies) with NAV exporting summarized data to overseas parent company’s heavyweight Oracle ERP, but vice versa…


dynamics nav provides web service technology for exchanging data. also possible using msmq.

you need to define, what data you want to exchange and which tables and fields on nav side are included. in the end you’ll need a field mapping between oracle and nav. if you are not familiar with nav, contact a nav partner.

maybe interesting for you: