Ageing Analysis not ageing correct (printing in wrong columns(months))

Hi there

I have a serious problem here, my ageing is incorrect. I have ageing buckets with 30 days, 60 days…150+ days and it is setup using months. When I run my ageing report, it places due amounts in the month that the transaction took place in instead of the following month when its supposed to be due. this happens in AP and AR

What could be the cause of the prblem? I checked my ageing buckets several times and created new ones to no avail.

I am using AX 2009 and really need help in this regard.

Anyone that once came across this problem must please assist as fast as possible.

Alfred Komane

What is in the criteria field?

I have Due Date as criteria in the criteria field, But this also happens when I use Transaction Date as well as Document Date.

Has the report been modified?

What version are you running?


It is not a modified report

I am working on AX 2009

So you are using standard AX2009 and you are saying if you run the aging report there is no difference in the bucket of transaction or due date?

I assume the due date is not the transaction date? I assume you are trying this on a test transaction?

It works fine for me, transaction date sees it in October bucket, Due in November bucket. This is in the standard CEU demo company using the standard aging report on teh demo customer 1104 with a demo transaction set.

HI there,

I know this was ages ago, but how did you resolve this?

I am having the same issue…