Aged Accounts Receivable

When Client running aged accounts receivable with the options shown, the dates on the column heading for November and October are wrong. They are showing 01/10/04 - 30/10/04 and 31/10/04 - 30/11/04 instead of 01/10/04 - 31/10/04 and 01/11/04 - 30/11/04. The calendar is set up OK. Aged as of 31/01/05 Aged by Posting Date Period Length 1M Heading Type Date… They are using v3.7A but seems common to 3.X. Am I missing something obvious. Any suggestions how to correct this.

In the US version of the Aged Accts Rcvbl report (#10040), we have global variables ‘PeriodEndingDate’ as an array[5] of Date, and a ‘PeriodCalculation’ as Code[10]. PeriodEndingDate[1] gets the value entered by the user in the RequestOptionsForm, as does the PeriodCalculation. The other PeriodEndingDates are essentially calculated as follows:

FOR j := 2 TO 4 DO PeriodEndingDate[j] := CALCDATE('-('+PeriodCalculation+')', PeriodEndingDate[j-1]);

If you always enter a month-end date on the RequestOptionsForm, and you want the other dates to be the respective month-end dates for the 4 previous months no matter if the ‘current’ month-end day is 28, 29, 30 or 31, then I think that the PeriodCalculation you are looking for is ‘CM-1D’ (presuming, of course, your Aged Receivables report calculates the dates in the same manner as the US version).