Aged Accounts Payable Report Error

Bit of a strange one this, I’d be grateful if anyone can offer an explanation. Here goes - When running report 322 ‘Aged Accounts Payable’ on customer’s site (3.70), I’m receiving the following error message’The indexing 0 in the array is outside of the permited range.’ The report has not had any modifications made to it. Here’s the Function/section of code it’s erroring on:- TempVendortLedgEntryLoop - OnAfterGetRecord() AgedVendorLedgEntry[PeriodIndex].“Remaining Amount” := VendorLedgEntryEndingDate.“Remaining Amount”; The [PeriodIndex] is showing as 0 when debugging which is what’s causing the error, but cannot work out why it’s returning this value as it seems to work fine on a copy back at the office albeit not uptodate but the same set-up. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks - Mike

Hi, I got same error.There is a bug in this report. Can you check your Vendor Ledger Entry and Vendor Detaile Ledger Entry table, Some entries must having date outside of Financial Year date which defined in Financial Period.